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Voiceover Coaching with Patricia

I am based in South Orange County, California. I teach ONLINE ONLY locally and globally via Zoom. One of the great features of Zoom is that we can record the video of your session. And you always receive dedicated, personalized training and coaching from a person who cares about your progress.

You have an authentic voice. My job is to help you establish solid skills, or to help you cut through layers of applied techniques that are interfering with your best voice production and that authentic voice. We'll find the "real" quality in your read that makes you unique!

For online coaching, minimum requirements are a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a computer with adequate processing ability, and a built-in camera or added web cam. An additional USB microphone or other microphone set-up is beneficial. A system that allows for a condenser or more upgraded microphone setup is preferable, but not essential.

So let's get to work! Call for more information. I look forward to hearing your wonderful voice!

(949) 723-4473


About Me:

A professional voice actor with over 20 years' experience, my most recent work includes live audio description for FOX Sports WWE Smackdown, and recorded AD for Paramount Feature films. I am a former TV host and radio host for an NPR affiliate station, and an Emmy Award-winning writer.

I am a member of SAG-AFTRA.

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