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Personal Coaching with
Patricia Shanks

Talk to me!


I am based in South Orange County, California. I coach locally in-person and globally via Zoom. One of the great features of Zoom is that we can record the video of your session. And you always receive dedicated, personalized training and coaching from a person who cares about your progress.

You are a creative individual. You are a performing or visual artist. You may pursue many different creative avenues at once. You may relate to the project-by-project or "gig" lifestyle. You move through the world at your own pace, approaching it with your own unique perspective. You may feel like an outsider unless you are working with or associating with others who share your perspective on life and art. You may be highly sensitive, empathic, and have heightened senses and emotions.


My intent is to help you find ways of negotiating your life and work. Means of coping and thriving already reside within you. Together, we will explore methods of bringing those practices and thought patterns to the forefront, so that you may flourish and produce your best work. 

For online coaching, minimum requirements are a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a computer with adequate processing ability, and a built-in camera or added web cam. An additional USB microphone or other microphone set-up is beneficial. A system that allows for a condenser or more upgraded microphone setup is preferable, but not essential.

So let's get to work! Call for more information. I look forward to working with you!

(949) 723-4473

About Me:  A seasoned teacher, trainer, coach, non-profit arts manager, volunteer coordinator, educational outreach coordinator, actor, speaker, TV and radio host, and more, I have worked with groups and individuals for over four decades. The training I offer is based in decades of experience applying my coaching skills in a variety of settings, and helping vastly divergent populations.

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