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Shanks for Talking

public speaking
speaking and presentation training
personal coaching (NLP Associate)

voice acting training (interpreting copy) 


Patricia Shanks


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“Patricia Shanks is a defining example of professional voice talent. She is creative, skilled, talented, and has the perfect combination of intense professionalism, while also being warm and personable, with a great sense of humor. She takes direction very well, at a seemingly intuitive level. Patricia always strives for excellence, and she achieves it. She puts her clients' needs at a high priority. She is a pleasure to work with!”

- Rick Sherman, Owner of Sherman Sound Suite

“Patricia Shanks is a first-rate voice talent expert. Her warm, inviting personality and voice would shine through on any project - technical or otherwise. Most importantly, she makes sure her deliverables are a spot-on match to the project's expectations.”

- Marc Padron, Client & Independent Producer


Let’s just say that I’ve been a pro voiceover talent for… more than a couple decades. It all started when I volunteered at a local NPR station. There, I learned the board, mic technique, how to read copy and speak off-the-cuff, on-the-fly. I shopped my first cassette (!) demo tapes around town and to the local cable station where I voiced commercials and hosted a TV news segment. From then on, the world was my oyster. I’ve been spreading my voice all over the country, working for clients based all over the world.

My most recent adventures include live audio description for Fox Sports WWE Friday Night Smackdown, and audio description for Paramount features. My voice has been the ticket to many exciting places I might not otherwise ever have seen.

Background in classical music and studies in several foreign languages make me the perfect choice for those tough technical, medical, artsy programs with lots of difficult pronunciations. I’m an Emmy Award-winning writer, actor, recording artist singing jazz standards, and former pro opera singer. But, most of all, I’m looking forward to the future and working with you! Take me to my next exciting adventure and your important project!





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